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About Us

TAGGpet is a community-driven canine social media platform that furthers an owner’s experience with their dog, bringing the community together throught both online and inperson experiences. It allows users to easily bond with their community over their pets. One special feature of TAGGpet is every user’s unique QR code. When an accound is registered, it is assigned a QR code that can be shared to create frends both through the app and website, but in person as well. We have a small team consisting of around 4 members.

The Team

TAGGpet’s founder and CEO is Harvin Park, and has cofounders consisting of Soomin Park, Chloe Park, and Hayool Park. Harvin Park has also previously started a company by the name of Circle Labs with his peers, back in May of 2018, releasing several products at the Seattle Maker Faire.

Our History

Starting in 2018, TAGGpet has been entered in multiple entreprenureship competitions. It has acquired several members and is still growing.